New Start

As most know by now I am moving to London for the summer
interning with one of the biggest fashion photographers & agencies! I feel so blessed and am incredibly thankful for this opportunity! The best part is one of my best friends, Sam, got a graphic design internship in London too with the cutest store, Katie & Joe! I kept a blog for my daily adventures when I went to California and knew I would do the same for London this summer— I expect our daily life there to be nothing less than something you would see in a movie 😉 I also decided I finally need to keep up a blog with my daily photography business, sharing the lovely faces I get to photography on a weekly basis. This blog will keep you updated with not only my shoots from my business but also any personal shoots while traveling or of all my lovely friends as well as things that inspire me (and probably a little fashion). So here goes nothin’! XOXO



One thought on “New Start

  1. Your photographs are wonderful….such clarity!!! You certainly do have an “open eye”. So glad you will photograph Ashley’s wedding. I know they will be outstanding and it goes without saying that they will certainly showcase your talents, while at the same time showing the bride and groom so beautifully at this important time in their lives. Everyday I see the beautiful photograph you gave me and everyday I marvel at your wonderful talent, and at such a young age too. I so look forward to the day the famous Ashley Kickliter’s work is written about and ooohhhhhh’d and awwwww’d and I will beam and say “I knew her when…..”.

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