Chic Critique

I recently discovered the beautiful Chic Magazine! They provide beautiful images, inspiration, and all kinds of tips and lessons for photographers and have really encouraged me to step it up with my business and as a photographer in general. I decided I would take a shot at entering their cover contest for their next issue…immediately I knew I wanted to use my lovely friend & favorite model Kenslie- it is impossible to take a bad picture of her and her natural beauty shines through so dominantly in pictures (not to mention she has a killer ‘serious’ face). When it came to styling I knew I wanted to create a soft and beautiful image but with an edge and thats how we picked a lace dress and my new personal favorite- top hats (anyone remember the bridal scene in the Parent Trap? 🙂 ). We threw a flower crown around the hat and I was really pleased with how it came together. So, here goes nothing! Be sure to check out their website at! XOXO



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