Perspective: The Workshop


A couple months ago I had the idea of hosting a workshop. Workshops are such a great outlet for aspiring photographers to learn, get inspired, and make some great connections. I havent really seen any photographers offer workshops in our area and there are so many people in Auburn with a love for photography that I knew it would be a good idea– but I knew I probably couldnt tackle it by myself. I asked my friend and talented photographer, Will Givens, what he thought of this idea and he was immediately on board and I thought we both had different things to bring to the table. I also felt like this workshop would be a good way to give back– the Lord has blessed me with this beautiful gift and I believe life isnt worth living if you arent giving back, it makes my heart so happy. I wanted to give these students an opportunity to learn everything I had taught myself over the last 4 years in 2 days– and let me tell you, they blew my mind! I was so thankful Overall Company let us use their fabulous patio for a meeting place and they provided a delicious lunch. I was a bit nervous going into this because I have never organized anything like this before and was worried about explaining the complexity of photography in simple ways for the students to understand in only 2 days. In conclusion, this weekend was such a great, memorable, and growing experience for me. I taught a photoshop class once before and said I could never teach again because it was too difficult and I didnt have the patience. But teaching others about my favorite thing in the world and what I was born to do was a whole different situation and seeing the students dramatically improve and get excited about bettering their photography was the most rewarding feeling to me. Here are just a FEW shots our students took– who were shooting in auto mode up until those 2 days, mind blowing! My jaw literally dropped as I started seeings students post their pictures and again, it just made me so happy. THANK YOU to everyone who made this such a success, and to our gorgeous models for letting our students practice on you! XO





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