Nicholas Oakwell Couture

This week I was invited at work to tag along at Nicholas Oakwell’s couture show that was held this afternoon at the lovely hotel, Clairidge’s. I was so excited when they told me I could come. I wont go into extravagant detail but it was honestly one of the best experiences ever, I am still kind of on cloud nine from it. I was there with a girl from my work, Caitlin, and we were there for James Rowe, an extremely talented hair stylist that D+V Management represents- he did all the hair for Oakwell’s show. Basically, it was my job to cover the social media aspect of the show so I was taking pictures with my camera backstage and then some at the show. I loved being in that hectic, crazy, fast-paced, yet exciting atmosphere- that is the kind of environment I thrive in. The models were stunning and the clothing even more. This was my first fashion show so I was expecting the white rolled out floor with foldable chairs everywhere– no. The set design for this show was basically a life-size part of Paris with Parisian rooftops throughout the middle of the floor that the models walked through, it was truly breathtaking when it all came together with the lights and music, it was really a story. I played around with some editing techniques as I was going through the pictures and felt the black and white versions really captured the essence and vibes of the whole show. Here are some of my favorite shots! Enjoy!

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