Chic Critique

I think my beautiful friend Kenslie would look fabulous on the cover of the next issue of Chic Critique! Take a minute to visit their site, it is so lovely and full of inspiration! xoImage


Afternoon Tea

I found the cutest bakery while searching online for the best cupcakes in London (of course) and stumbled across Bake-A-Boo and saw they offered afternoon tea with reservations. Once I saw pictures of the bakery, inside and out, I knew it was just the place for a unique afternoon tea experience in London. We started off with vanilla tea (so delicious) and were then served a tiered tray of finger sandwiches, the most amazing warm scones with clotted cream and jam, chocolate covered strawberries, mini brownies, short bread, and cupcakes on top. I dont think any of us ate the cupcakes because we were so full. The decor inside was to die for- sparkles, glitter, lace, disco balls, chandeliers- a girls dreamland. The pictures will speak for themselves, it was so lovely, definitely recommend making a reservation here if you are going to London!


a moment of thankfulness

Getting in touch with my rare sensitive side for a moment of thankfulness. I just had to share how thankful I am for this experience to live in London and for an internship that continues to teach me more than I ever thought I would know everyday. Within two weeks I met two of the most famous international photographers in the world and got to showcase my talent at a couture fashion show taking pictures…like what, in 2 weeks? I have no doubt this internship will change my life and pave an opportunity for my future with the great connections and relationships I have already made. I am also so thankful for the continued support from my amazing family and friends who have never doubted this is what I was meant to do for a moment…and for all my clients, new and old, especially the old who took chances on my earlier work- without you taking chances on me, I would not be sitting here in London typing this right now. And for all my lovely friends, like the one you see in the picture, who inspire me to be a better person and artist. xoxo

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

― Steve Jobs

Style Post #4 // They’re Baaaaaack


Thats right, overalls, or dungarees as the Brits call them, are officially back in action over here in London and I am loving it. They’re so comfortable for one and you cant help but kind of feel like a kid in them. I think they’re so versatile, you can dress them up with a button down shirt, a statement necklace, and heels or go old school with a more casual t-shirt and cool kicks of course. Today we stumbled into Neal’s Yard in Covent garden and took some pictures there…post coming tomorrow about our sight seeing! What’s your opinion on overalls coming back, yay or nay? Enjoy!

Sam’s take on the new overall trend is a bit more updated- they’re shorts and they have red and white stripes. She paired them with a simple grey long sleeve crop top and high top converses.


Side note: this whole being in front of the camera thing is still really weird for me. I absolutely love what I do and am more thankful everyday for the talent I’ve been given to change the way people see themselves through my photography and have never been a big fan of self portraits, just because I really don’t like being in front of the camera. But, one of my goals while I am in London for the summer was to start a blog, of fashion and photography, and actually have some pictures of myself. The more I have been in front of the camera recently the more I feel like it is actually teaching me how to even better connect with my clients. Sometimes I have these visions in my head and expect my client to just automatically know what I am thinking and pose the perfect way with the right facial expression and that doesnt always happen. Being in front of the camera has really made me more aware of how I can coach my clients better to become more comfortable and natural in front of the camera. Photographers, get comfortable with the other side of your camera, it may surprise you. Ok, side story over.

I decided to mix it up with the styling of my overalls and get pretty quirky with it. I paired mine with a metallic polka dotted t-shirt (in a fave color combo of mine- red & pink), with a neon jeweled necklace, and some leopard print vans. I really love mixing prints, textures, and materials and love how this came together.


Overalls: Primark

Metallic t-shirt: ASOS

Necklace: LOFT

Shoes: Vans

Bag: my new “THE IT” camera bag (post on it coming later)

New Faces

Sam & I met some new people here in London and of course I love new faces to photograph. We started off the morning by taking a walk along the South Bank and then we went to London’s Fashion & Textile Museum to see the Kaffe Fassett – A Life in Colour exhibit. I must say once I found out what the museum looked like I was just as excited to take pictures of people outside as I was to actually see the exhibit inside. The outside of the museum is painted in bold colors of pink and orange and then the inside is a whole different story…even more amazing with bright colors and black and white stripes (my fav) everywhere! The exhibit was really inspiring, take a second to check out his textile work. Even though the day was a typical London day- gloomy, gray, and awkwardly drizzly the colors of the architecture in the area and flowers really made up for it. We also went to the Borough Food Market which was incredible- tasted the best cheeses, oils and balsamic vinegar- I will have to steal some of Lakin’s pictures later from the market. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day of our new friends and the museum! Enjoy! xo





The cool glittered floors were an immediate great first impression



Sam coordinated with the museum displays quite perfectly 🙂





Naturally, I have to take a picture with anything cat related. Meow.












We met the cutest pup outside the museum while taking pictures







Are her eyes killer or what?!





London Style / Post #1




Finally got out my bad boy camera today to take some style pictures! Im going to attempt to make this somewhat of a fashion blog as well as documenting our London life. Today we went to Oxford Street to shop (heaven) and take some pictures. Enjoy!Image


We’ve found Topshop window displays make fabulous backgrounds!





Slip dress: Free People

T-Shirt: Free People

Jacket: bought today at Miss Selfridge (obsessed)

Boots: have had them for 4+ years, cant remember

Necklace: Nordstrom

Watch: Marc Jacobs, Nordstrom

Bag: Steve Madden

Photos taken with: Canon 5D Mark II



First few days in London!

Ok, so I know many of you have been wondering if I made it to London at all or died since I am a photographer and have yet to post any photos/videos buuuuuuuut the jetlag definitely got the best of the first two days or so. Ill mainly be posting pictures, videos, and tidbits of our experiences and adventures on here (and a little fashion). So far, im in love with this city– except the weather right now, but I know it will get better. Ill keep my first day of work thoughts short and sweet:

I am interning at a very prestigious agency that represents the top photographers, stylists, and hair/makeup artists called D+V Management. Luckily, I found it easily the first day on the tube and made it there early and had time to relax at Starbucks on the corner before I went in. The office itself is very cool, all white inside– very chic. The people are all very nice, Caitlin, a past intern showed me the ropes of things. I got to do some blogging, archive magazines (they get every. single. fashion. magazine.) and other website jobs on the computer. As the day went on, I began to feel like a literal real life version of the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada”, to a certain extent. I had to add descriptions of all the pictures on their website from each photographers portfolio. I did fine with the advertising section, just had to name the brand or publication in the pictures (even though some I still dont know if I am pronouncing right), but when I got to the portraits section, I hardly knew any of the people in them– I knew the big models and big celebrities and a couple others but other British people in the photos I had no idea who they were and I felt so bad having to keep asking. And when I was blogging I had to write about Numero, which is a magazine I hadnt heard of, so I need to brush up on some things. The phones rang constantly and the conversations would be like “Sophie, so-and-so from Vogue is on the phone for you” “James, so-and-so from Elle UK on the phone for you” “So-and-so just got done with a shoot with Victoria Beckham” (and I wont say what they said about her)… but it was really cool getting to hear it all. The one thing I am so nervous about is starting to make tea for everyone starting tomorrow (especially the 3 boss ladies who run the place) because I have never made tea and they all take it differently, some North Yorkshire, some Ginger, some with milk, some with not. But hopefully I can just write it all down and after I get the hang of it I wont be so nervous…I know it sounds like a silly thing to be nervous about but its a slightly intimidating atmosphere in the fashion world and I dont want to screw up. Im so excited for next week when I will begin going on fashion shoots with some of the biggest photographers (still will just be making tea for everyone on set, but I would do anything to be on those shoots) and am so thankful for this incredible opportunity to see all the behind the scenes work of what pulls together a huge successful fashion shoot and am then going to experience shoots first hand. Ok, so this wasnt very short and sweet, sorry. 

Also, getting a whole pizza, creme brûlée, and a glass of wine for FREE was a very nice first dinner in London…maybe Ill start appreciating my southern charm/kindness a little more??

Even though my camera is going to be extremely heavy to carry around I promise to start taking pictures this weekend and will have pictures and a video up at the end of the week.

Check out my iphone shots on facebook and instagram: kickkk_ash

Wish me luck on making good tea tomorrow…ahhhh!