London Style Post // Modern Mod

Im currently obsessed with everything mod– checkerboard pattern, black and white, matte bubblegum pink lipstick and everything else from that era. To give my checkerboard print tunic a modern flair I paired it with leather leggings and some oxfords with a pop of neon. The surrounding areas of the Fashion & Textile Museum in London made for great backgrounds with bright funky colors…stay tuned for the post on the museum and other pictures!

style post 2






Checkerboard tunic: F21

Leather leggings: BDG, Urban Outfitters

Neon oxfords: DSW

Cat-eye sunnies: Lulus


Sam’s striped pants and neon top also looked great with the museum!







London Style / Post #1




Finally got out my bad boy camera today to take some style pictures! Im going to attempt to make this somewhat of a fashion blog as well as documenting our London life. Today we went to Oxford Street to shop (heaven) and take some pictures. Enjoy!Image


We’ve found Topshop window displays make fabulous backgrounds!





Slip dress: Free People

T-Shirt: Free People

Jacket: bought today at Miss Selfridge (obsessed)

Boots: have had them for 4+ years, cant remember

Necklace: Nordstrom

Watch: Marc Jacobs, Nordstrom

Bag: Steve Madden

Photos taken with: Canon 5D Mark II



First few days in London!

Ok, so I know many of you have been wondering if I made it to London at all or died since I am a photographer and have yet to post any photos/videos buuuuuuuut the jetlag definitely got the best of the first two days or so. Ill mainly be posting pictures, videos, and tidbits of our experiences and adventures on here (and a little fashion). So far, im in love with this city– except the weather right now, but I know it will get better. Ill keep my first day of work thoughts short and sweet:

I am interning at a very prestigious agency that represents the top photographers, stylists, and hair/makeup artists called D+V Management. Luckily, I found it easily the first day on the tube and made it there early and had time to relax at Starbucks on the corner before I went in. The office itself is very cool, all white inside– very chic. The people are all very nice, Caitlin, a past intern showed me the ropes of things. I got to do some blogging, archive magazines (they get every. single. fashion. magazine.) and other website jobs on the computer. As the day went on, I began to feel like a literal real life version of the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada”, to a certain extent. I had to add descriptions of all the pictures on their website from each photographers portfolio. I did fine with the advertising section, just had to name the brand or publication in the pictures (even though some I still dont know if I am pronouncing right), but when I got to the portraits section, I hardly knew any of the people in them– I knew the big models and big celebrities and a couple others but other British people in the photos I had no idea who they were and I felt so bad having to keep asking. And when I was blogging I had to write about Numero, which is a magazine I hadnt heard of, so I need to brush up on some things. The phones rang constantly and the conversations would be like “Sophie, so-and-so from Vogue is on the phone for you” “James, so-and-so from Elle UK on the phone for you” “So-and-so just got done with a shoot with Victoria Beckham” (and I wont say what they said about her)… but it was really cool getting to hear it all. The one thing I am so nervous about is starting to make tea for everyone starting tomorrow (especially the 3 boss ladies who run the place) because I have never made tea and they all take it differently, some North Yorkshire, some Ginger, some with milk, some with not. But hopefully I can just write it all down and after I get the hang of it I wont be so nervous…I know it sounds like a silly thing to be nervous about but its a slightly intimidating atmosphere in the fashion world and I dont want to screw up. Im so excited for next week when I will begin going on fashion shoots with some of the biggest photographers (still will just be making tea for everyone on set, but I would do anything to be on those shoots) and am so thankful for this incredible opportunity to see all the behind the scenes work of what pulls together a huge successful fashion shoot and am then going to experience shoots first hand. Ok, so this wasnt very short and sweet, sorry. 

Also, getting a whole pizza, creme brûlée, and a glass of wine for FREE was a very nice first dinner in London…maybe Ill start appreciating my southern charm/kindness a little more??

Even though my camera is going to be extremely heavy to carry around I promise to start taking pictures this weekend and will have pictures and a video up at the end of the week.

Check out my iphone shots on facebook and instagram: kickkk_ash

Wish me luck on making good tea tomorrow…ahhhh!





This was such a fun shoot! I discovered a little place a few minutes from Auburn over a year ago but just never found the perfect time to shoot there and am so glad I finally did. Rebekah was the perfect person for this retro inspired shoot. See them all on Open Eye Photography’s facebook page. Enjoy!

2-2IMG_0301 3-24-2 7-2 6-2 5-2IMG_0211IMG_0359 IMG_0702 IMG_0673 IMG_0594

8-2 IMG_0577 IMG_0435IMG_1131

IMG_0721IMG_0746 IMG_0792IMG_0977 IMG_0983 IMG_0994IMG_101313-2IMG_1091IMG_1261

Perspective: The Workshop


A couple months ago I had the idea of hosting a workshop. Workshops are such a great outlet for aspiring photographers to learn, get inspired, and make some great connections. I havent really seen any photographers offer workshops in our area and there are so many people in Auburn with a love for photography that I knew it would be a good idea– but I knew I probably couldnt tackle it by myself. I asked my friend and talented photographer, Will Givens, what he thought of this idea and he was immediately on board and I thought we both had different things to bring to the table. I also felt like this workshop would be a good way to give back– the Lord has blessed me with this beautiful gift and I believe life isnt worth living if you arent giving back, it makes my heart so happy. I wanted to give these students an opportunity to learn everything I had taught myself over the last 4 years in 2 days– and let me tell you, they blew my mind! I was so thankful Overall Company let us use their fabulous patio for a meeting place and they provided a delicious lunch. I was a bit nervous going into this because I have never organized anything like this before and was worried about explaining the complexity of photography in simple ways for the students to understand in only 2 days. In conclusion, this weekend was such a great, memorable, and growing experience for me. I taught a photoshop class once before and said I could never teach again because it was too difficult and I didnt have the patience. But teaching others about my favorite thing in the world and what I was born to do was a whole different situation and seeing the students dramatically improve and get excited about bettering their photography was the most rewarding feeling to me. Here are just a FEW shots our students took– who were shooting in auto mode up until those 2 days, mind blowing! My jaw literally dropped as I started seeings students post their pictures and again, it just made me so happy. THANK YOU to everyone who made this such a success, and to our gorgeous models for letting our students practice on you! XO




Chic Critique

I recently discovered the beautiful Chic Magazine! They provide beautiful images, inspiration, and all kinds of tips and lessons for photographers and have really encouraged me to step it up with my business and as a photographer in general. I decided I would take a shot at entering their cover contest for their next issue…immediately I knew I wanted to use my lovely friend & favorite model Kenslie- it is impossible to take a bad picture of her and her natural beauty shines through so dominantly in pictures (not to mention she has a killer ‘serious’ face). When it came to styling I knew I wanted to create a soft and beautiful image but with an edge and thats how we picked a lace dress and my new personal favorite- top hats (anyone remember the bridal scene in the Parent Trap? 🙂 ). We threw a flower crown around the hat and I was really pleased with how it came together. So, here goes nothing! Be sure to check out their website at! XOXO